About France...

There is too much to be said about France and wine in France to be said in one paragraphs. The French made wine what it is today, as everyone copies the practices the French have imparted. That, and many regions of the world had French immigrants who came and made their winemaking practices in said countries even better. From Champagne, to Burgundy, Bordeaux to the Loire, and anything few and far between, wine in France is as historic, classic and amazing as any wine in the world...as well it should be.


| Guillemot Michel – Viré Clessé |
Southern Burgundy, in the Maconnais region
A younger AOC than most (1999), Viré Clessé has of course been making wines for much longer than that. Making only Chardonnay, Viré Clessé wines generally pack a bit more of a punch than some of their neighbors, harboring as close to a new world style as any of the sub-regions of Burgundy.
Grape Specialization:
          White – Chardonnay
The communes of Viré & Clessé joined together to make one AOP, Viré-Clessé.

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