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Our Wine Philosophy

We strive to find people who make the best tasting wines for the best possible value. Our goal is to work with wineries that put family first, take care of the environment, and make amazing wines.

How do we do this?  

We spend months researching the regions of the world we think can fit these criteria. Once we narrow down wineries by people, process, region, wines and price, we fly to their winery to meet them; getting to know each person, the property, the history and tasting the wines.
Our goal is to connect the people that make the wine, to the people that drink it. To do so, we need to include as many different wine drinkers in our journey as possible. We are able to do this because of the blend of palates between our owners. Our palates mesh in a unique way, not often found in our industry. We are lead by a Certified Sommelier, Keith, with years of experience in restaurants, distribution and retail. Balanced out by two people who love wine, and have an outside of the industry perspective, Blair and Kelly. This mix makes sure we find wines that are broad in appeal,  while still having the correct representation of the region they are from. This combination has lead us to building a group of wineries that will please the wine lovers’ palates of all types.  

About Our Wines


All of our people take care of the environment and eco-systems their wineries are part of. You may have heard terms like, “Sustainable,” “Organic,” “Natural” and even “Biodynamic.” Below are definitions of what those mean.


Sustainability refers to a range of practices that are not only ecologically sound, but also economically viable as well as socially responsible. Sustainable farmers may farm largely organically or biodynamically but have flexibility to choose what works best for their individual property; they may also focus on energy and water conservation, use or renewable resources and other issues. 


Wines made with natural grapes that may or may not be certified organic/biodynamic, avoiding any synthetic pesticides or additives. Native yeast is used to start fermentation. The sulfur level on these wines are extremely low (sometimes none is added) with the with the exception of the naturally occurring sulfites in wine. 
** Disclaimer: No wine can be sulfite free, as this is a bi-product of fermentation** 


Wines made with certified, organically grown grapes, avoiding any synthetic pesticides or additives and sometimes without any added sulfites. 
** Disclaimer: Not all wineries that farm Organically will have an Organic logo on their bottle. This is an expensive, and hard to keep up process that a lot have found is not worth paying for. Many wineries will be “Practicing Organic”, meaning  they farm organically but have not yet, or will not be paying to have an official Organic Certification** 


Biodynamic is similar to organic farming in that both take place without synthetic chemicals. Biodynamic farming incorporates ideas about a vineyard as an entire ecosystem, and also takes into account things such as astrological influences and lunar cycles. A biodynamic wine means that the grapes are farmed biodynamically, and that the winemaker did not make the wine with any common manipulations such as yeast additions or acidity adjustments. A wine “made from biodynamic grapes” means that a vintner used biodynamically grown grapes, but followed a less strict list of rules in winemaking.

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