Our Story

Based in the Midwest and located in the Flint Hills of Manhattan, Kansas, AquamVinos imports wine from all over the world and also represents wine brands from the United States. We focus on creating the best wine experience possible by connecting the consumers to the places and people who make the wine. 

Mission + Vision

Connecting people, through wine, by making wine approachable and welcoming to all walks of life. 
Preaching the joy of life by connecting people, while giving back to those in need.

Our Team

Keith Spreckels, Jr. Certified Sommelier Owner/Co-Founder

With over 10+ years in the food and beverage industry Keith has experience in tasting and studying thousands of different wines from all over the world. He has been blessed with two children and a loving wife who have encouraged his wine obsession.

Blair Kocher, MBA Owner/Co-Founder

With a background in sales and a passion for wine, Blair has been fascinated by the wine industry since his first sip. Blair brings a unique business background with a vigor for learning. His wife and son love hearing about the latest and the greatest in the import industry and offer nothing but continued support.

Kelly Flowers Owner/Digital Marketing Strategist

Kelly comes from a background in wine and business and loves how there is always something new to learn in the wine industry. She has a wonderful husband who is always willing to try new wines with her, as well as two young daughters that keeps the energy high and life full.

Faith + Giving

We believe loving people is the most important thing in life, no matter their differences. We raise our glasses to people loving people in a world where something this simple has become difficult. Our opinions of our faith are our own, and we accept any and all people’s beliefs. 
Aquam Vinos translated from Latin: Water to Wines
One of the first miracles in the Bible that Jesus performed was turning water into wine. 
(John 2:1-11)
From what we wear to how we manage our profits, philanthropy is a building block of our company. We support like-minded companies who donate a portion of their profits to charity organizations or sustainability programs.